General Remodeling

AAA All Star Construction Inc. is one of the leading companies in Los Angeles, providing high quality remodeling and construction services. The company has some of the most qualified workers for kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, patio enclosure and whole-house renovations.

Please browse our website to see our large portfolio of past projects and make an educated opinion about our work. Our wonderful customer’s service and experienced employees have made us one of the top construction companies.

Feel free to call us and we’ll provide you with a free estimate. Our employees will give you the best possible solution for your home and we can make your home worth envying in no time!

Property Development

Our incredible crew of designers and architects always have the solution for your property. But what is a solution without a fine implementation?AAA All Star Construction Inc. takes care for the building of your home from the ground to the roof by bringing your ideas with theirs together.

Our qualified workers won’t stop building your dreams and there isn’t an obstacle that can stop them. Once the concept of your house is created and you are delighted with it, our crew starts working on it! We have a special project manager for you that will take care of the materials, contractors, blueprints and the managing of the workers.

Your dream project will soon become a reality. If your dream house is not yet fulfilled, call 1-800-975-5512 to make it true and to receive a free estimate.


AAA All Star Construction Inc. aims to develop an innovative, durable and multi-functional facade system that will preserve the heat from leaving the house and it will protect the house from leaks.

Our company’s goal is to create a facade that can be easily applied to different buildings and to provide great vision and thermal insulation at the same time. In the end, you will get a good looking, cost effective and greatly insulated facade to protect you from cold.

Texture Coating

We use the most advanced technology and the best products for our texture coating services. The products we use are from the highest quality and they are suitable for all kinds of architectural coatings. Our unique systems have been proven to reduce the energy costs and they are unmatched by most competitors


We provide a professional stucco and cement-plaster siding repair. We will stop the damage done by cracks and blisters in the stucco before the consequences grow big. Our crew of professionals will handle everything from minor stucco repair to complete projects.

To start your stucco project, please contact us on 1-800-975-5512 and we will do the job before you wink. We use only the highest quality materials and techniques for stucco and it becomes a permanent solution rather than temporary.

Acoustic Ceilings

Our acoustic ceilings are incredibly stylish and functional. They are easy to install and there’s a large variety of designs for you to choose from. The ceilings are calculated to be cost effective for your air conditioning system.

We provide you with several installations to achieve the above:

  • Plasterboard perforated ceilings
  • Metal perforated ceilings
  • Herakustik ceilings
  • Sto Acoustic ceilings
  • Gyptone grid ceilings

Custom Siding

Custom siding will increase both the value of your home and its attractiveness. Our company will provide your company with an incredible and beautiful makeover at the same time. The makeover will be from a wide selection of high-quality colors and designs. Our qualified crew has experience with a large variety of siding-related projects such as aluminum, steel, vinyl, insulated and cedar siding.

Commercial Work

AAA All Star Construction Inc. aims to deliver a full construction of your dream house. We use only state-of-art technology and the latest products to make your dream a reality. In the end, you will have a house on your budget that’s durable and cost effective.

We have lots of experience gained from the past experience and our quality has made us one of the leading companies in whole LA.

New Construction

AAA All Star Construction Inc. is one of the best companies in Los Angeles that delivers high-quality buildings to its clients. Share your dream with us and we will create an incredible house for you from the foundations to the roof.

Our respected builders can build luxury homes, single family homes, town-homes and apartments. Call us now to get an advice for your new house and get a free estimate. Our customer’s service team will help you for any question.


Our loyal and qualified staff is here once again. This time, they will help you construct unique asphalt driveways for your beloved cars. Our project managers will schedule visitations depending on your schedule. Afterward, you will receive a 3D model of your project to make any corrections before the work even starts.

Thanks to our state-of-art technologies, the asphalt driveways we create can last for more than 30 years. They are easy to create for our experienced builders and they are least expensive from all.


AAA All Star Construction Inc. has provided hundreds of people with cozy homes for them and their families throughout the years. We believe that your home must not be only functional, but stylish as well.

Our team of professional designs and qualified architects will create a 3D model for you by your requirements. This way you can make numerous changes even to the slightest detail for you and your property. We shall not start work until everything is perfectly touched.

Armed Patrol / Alarm Services

We offer surveillance from highly visible patrol cars for your safety. We will patrol your streets for 24 hours a day to make you feel secure. Our security officers can investigate suspicious vehicles and watch for intruders to discourage them.

We will monitor your property through cameras to record all entries and suspicious people around it. You will receive an immediate alert if something suspicious is happening.

Block Wall

Our company has been building stone walls for the past few years and for that time we have gained a lot of experience. We work closely with our clients to turn their vision into reality. Walls can be both for security and for aesthetics and thus why we want to create the best one for your property.

We are in partnership with local stone wall contractors in order to deliver you the product at an affordable price. Over the years, we have developed partnerships with businesses and the materials we use are both inexpensive and from high quality.

Chain Link Fencing

If you are looking to secure your enormous property at a low price then you might want to consider a chain-link fence. They are the most inexpensive type of fences available on the market. You can find them in galvanized steel or in different colors.

Our crew of professionals will come with the materials and install them in a timely manner. In fact, we have partnerships with local distributors so we can get the lowest possible price for you!

If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call and we’ll guide you through the decision-making process!

Rod Iron Fencing – X

We can install a large variety of vinyl fencing in different colors and designs. We can provide you with high-quality fencing in almost every possible style to suit your property.

Vinyl Fencing are affordable, long lasting and they don’t require the maintenance of the wood. They are beautiful and your backyard will be always protected!

Call us now and we’ll design your yard fencing according to your specifications!

Security Bars

As a homeowner, you will feel a lot safer if you increase your protection from intruders. By installing security bars, your whole family will feel protected in an affordable way. Our professionals will install the bars and you won’t have to worry for unwanted trespassers getting into your house through the windows.

Modern bars come in a variety of designs, materials, and colors to match the exterior of your house and make them look a bit more natural and beautiful.

3D Design

The team of qualified designers will use their exceptional skills and experience to turn your dreams into a living 3D model through a special advanced modeling software.

The process is superior and you will receive extremely precise results, close to what you are looking for you. This way we can make any adjustments even before we start working on the project.

New Pools

We from AAA All Star Construction Inc. know very well how hard is to invest in a swimming pool. We are here to offer you some affordable solutions for great pools that can bring many years of enjoyment to your family.

The pool is your get away from problems and it’s the personal oasis of the family. Most of the time, this is the most favorite part of the backyard, especially during the summer. Make incredible family memories by having a pool created and maintained by us! Call us now for a free estimate.

Pool Re-plaster

AAA All Star Construction Inc. provides high-quality re-plastering services for your personal resort. We know how important a pool is for the family and that’s why we are here to provide you with an affordable solution to keep your pool fully working for you and the kids.

Our friendly staff is here to answer any questions that you might have for your pool so don’t hesitate to give them a free call today. Remember that whatever the remodeling needs you have, we can provide them for you!


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